Summer Dig


technology for future growth.

Drip Irrigation and Summer Digging

To ensure we produce the highest quality plants, Akron Tree Farms implemented drip irrigation technology by drilling wells and installing a drip irrigation system on our two main farms. Studies show that trees irrigated by drip irrigation at the base of the trunk, in their first two years of production, will produce a higher concentration of fine root in the root ball than other watering methods.This root-rich ball, as well as water available throughout the year, allows us to summer dig. Although we have some varieties that we will not move during summer months, there is a wide array of plants that we do supply. Our procedure entails heavy pre and post-dig watering and the application of an anti-desiccant. However, this process will not be successful unless the installer handles the tree carefully, plants it immediately after delivery and follows the strong aftercare program.

In-Ground Field Production

The past 30 years brought many innovations in tree production geared toward creating a finished product that’s easy to transport at anytime of the year. We are aware that the bare-root trees we provide have a short turn-around time and balled and burlapped trees are heavier than other methods. But we believe that the numerous advantages of our tried and proven methods produce the best trees with proven survivability and a root system housed in a ball of non-artificial soil that’ll interface most efficiently with its final planting pit.


Integrated Past Management (IPM)A strong Integrated Past Management (IPM) program starts with simple hard work. We separate some rows with mowed grass, but 75 percent of our production fields are in open soil. We lightly cultivate as needed to keep our fields weed free and use as little herbicide as possible. (With certain insect invasions it is necessary to apply pesticides to susceptible varieties.) Our daily observation, regular watering and careful selection of varieties ensure finished products that will be problem free in their final home.

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