About Us

Planting strong roots in
Western New York

Akron Tree Farms is a field production nursery whose prime focus is deciduous shade and ornamental trees. Began in 1990 by John and Linda Heinike on 20 acres in Akron , NY, it expanded to another 28 acres just down 1000 yards down the road in Pembroke, NY in 1999.

In 2006, John decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Theological Studies and sold the business to Ed and Barb Dore. Ed has been in the Landscape part of the Industry since 1971. By the way, John will complete his Maters Studies this May 2010.

After our first year of operation, under guidance from John, Daphne Kroll joined us to handle all production operations. It is under her watchful eye and hard work that we continue to grow an excellent product, with production methods that reduce the impact on our surrounding and we stay viable within the current economic times. We continue to grow a wide range of trees that can be viewed in the ‘products’ menu at www.AkronTreeFarms.com

We bring in the highest quality liner material that produce an abundant root systems aided by our sandy-gravely soil, a drip irrigation and organic fertilizers brought in from surrounding farms. Aggressive trimming and a conscientious IPM Program that necessitates minimal spraying for insects helps produce top growth commensurate with their roots.

We have expanded the use of fescue turf areas between the rows to also control weeds and retain moisture in the soil. We dig both B x B as well as bareroot material. Most of our digging takes place between early-mid March and end of April, but there are a number of varieties that we root prune during the digging season so they are in a better position to be potentially part of our summer digging repertoire.

We are located only 3.4 miles off I-90 Exit 48A (Pembroke) so we are very accessible for a visit to view material, although it is wise to call ahead so we can arrange a mutually convenient time.

Akron Tree Farms  •  5911 Fisk Rd.  •  Pendleton, NY 14094  •  716.625.8462